I’ll tell you three things about me to get us started. I follow sports, I watch movies, and I work in software development. I can’t lie to you. This is not an exceptional combination, and I do not feel as though a great weight has been lifted from me by this public disclosure.

Of the many high-quality lessons I have learned from the world of sports. It is more valuable to relate one thing to another than to simply explain it directly. We know this, and we know it for certain, because in sports, when something happens, they can’t just tell you what it is. They have to tell you in terms of something else.

  • “This quarterback is like a point guard, keeping everyone involved in the offense.”
  • “This game is a chess match between two tacticians.”
  • “Curling is like shuffleboard for the able bodied”
  • “That pitcher is throwing darts”

It turns out there is no reason why this can’t work for software and business as well. (A citation for this will be provided as soon as I update Wikipedia to point back to this blog post). I can’t wait to tell you about the important lessons you can learn from Robocop 2. You might want to go watch it now so you are prepared later when I post about it.