Martin is the Director of Software Engineering for Content Management at Wingspan Technology, an IQVIA Company. Prior to Wingspan’s acquisition, he served as Chief Technology Officer for approximately 15 years. Martin is responsible for technology and software engineering leadership in the organization and brings over 20 years of experience as an software architect and executive for enterprise applications, integrations, and document management infrastructures for global enterprise applications.

Prior to joining Wingspan, Martin founded and operated Ethermoon Entertainment, a video game development company and was the CTO of Apricus, a clinical data company. He has held leadership positions in Philadelphia, Boston, and Silicon Valley. Martin has also published and presented on a variety of topics over the years, most recently on the Scala programming language, React.js and Functional Programming.

Martin is a frequent presenter and organizer (Philly JUG, PHASE, Philly ETE and the Northeast Scala Symposium) in the Philadelphia software development community. He graduated from Cornell University and holds a BS in Computer Science.