April 2017 - Building Data Breach Resistant Systems

Slides (Philly ETE)

February 2017 - JWTs and Their Application

Slides (Philly JUG)

Recording not yet available

January 2017 - Building a Custom Query Engine with Quill

Slides (Scala by the Schuylkill)

October 2016 - Immutability in JavaScript and seamless-immutable-cursor

Slides (React Philly)

September 2016 - Stop goofing around during build cycles with webpack HMR

Slides (LibertyJS)

April 2016 - Delivering Agile Methodologies and Emerging Technologies in Hostile Environments

Slides (Philly ETE)

March 2016 - Monadic Logging and You!

Slides (NEScala, PHASE)

September 2014 - Live coding a CRUD database in Scala (PHASE)

No video available for this presentation. It’s too bad because it was really cool. The project repository has the source code.

August 2013 - Functional Wrappers for legacy APIs (Philly JUG)

May 2006 - AJAX: What it is and What it Can Do for Your iViews (Americas’ SAP User’s Group)

No video available

March 2006 - Converting a JSR-168 Portlet to an SAP iView (SAP NetWeaver BI & Portals)

No video available

May 2005 - Developing Web Services for Documentum (Southeast Documentum User’s Group)

No video available