When I first moved this site to Jekyll/GitHub Pages almost 3 years ago, I took the “quick and dirty” approach and used permalinks on every page to try to preserve as much of the structure as possible.

I’ve learned a lot about Jekyll since then, and recently completed an effort to rebuild the site to take better advantage of Jekyll and kramdown functionality. This means that I broke a bunch of links, and for that I apoligize. I updated my 404 page to offset most of the damage.

I offer the following advice for people new to Jekyll:

  • Try to avoid redundant front matter as they inflict unnecessary maintenance on the site
  • When you are linking to internal site resources, use the {% link … %} syntax. Jekyll will validate those links when you generate the static site.
  • RTFM - GitHub pages documentation is good, but if you want to learn Jekyll that’s a bad place to start. Go straight to the Jekyll docs instead.