• Nostalgia - Part 1

    I was moving my documents collection to “The Cloud” and I came across a Player’s Guide for Ultima V I had written back when I was in college. That itself was a nostalgic event, because the game was one of my favorites from growing up.

  • Passing the Torch - Philly JUG

    When I first considered leading the Philly JUG, I strongly suspected that whether I took the job or not, I would come to regret it. It was a daunting responsibility to take on, but the JUG community was something that I had valued for quite some time and I didn’t want to risk losing it entirely.

    I’m happy to report that after 3 years of service, I regret nothing.

  • HaskellMUD

    Conversations about my experience with Elm led me to Haskell, and I’d always wanted to write an application that depended on data mutation in a purely functional language. Over the recent holiday, I decided to make a MUD, in part because the first large code base I worked on was a DikuMUD that ran in the early 90’s.

  • Snake in Elm

    Elm had been on my list to check out for quite some time. I finally got the chance to play with it and wrote a game to play with the kids.

  • Functional Wrappers for legacy APIs

    There are many challenges in introducing a new technology into an existing project or organization. To be successful, you normally need to be able to achieve one or all of the following:

    • Experiment with the new technology incrementally without incurring a massive adoption cost
    • Showcase the strengths of the technology immediately
    • Give a concrete benefit to the people on the front lines of the organization
  • Volvo S80 Car Fire

    A couple of weeks ago, just after I arrived at work, people were drawn outside by a car fire in the parking lot. I followed the crowd, and stood amongst all the people who were wondering who’s car it was.

  • Performance Enhancement

    A friend of mine recently brought to my attention the use of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) in the workplace, especially in Silicon Valley. I suspect this is not limited to the software field and probably either has or soon will bleed over into other “knowledge worker” fields. Caffeine is now a gateway drug.

  • Attention to Detail

    Perhaps you have been a party to the following conversation:

    Person A: Remember in <substitute movie> when <subtle event happened>?

    Person B: I watched that movie just last night and I didn’t notice.

    If you are not the creative type, then allow me to substitute a fun example for you:

  • Aggression and Risk

    Younger readers may not realize this, but there used to be a golfer named Tiger Woods who dominated the sport so completely that they literally changed the layout of every professional golf course in the world to prevent him from rewriting the record book1. He rewrote most of the record book anyway, and he would have rewritten all of it had it not been for his unexpected fall from grace.

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