I’ve had a lot of fun in recent years playing games like The Resistance, and Jackbox Games. The two biggest obstacles to my enjoyment for both have been the player limits and issues with portability. For both, there have been times where people have had to sit out and watch, or a group wanted to play but couldn’t because we hadn’t planned ahead properly.

I wrote a game to address some of those obstacles called Hung Jury. It’s a Jackbox-style party game without the central server, so you can play it anywhere you want so long as each player has a mobile device and an internet connection.

It supports up to 32 players for now, which is more than I can imagine anyone organizing for such a thing. If anyone ever completes a game with that many players, I’ll up the player limit :)

While the game is functionally complete and mechanically sound, there are still a few improvements I’d like to make:

  • UI Improvements
  • More accessible to new players
  • Better chances for the majority team in large games