Title Organization Slides Code Media
Agile Methodologies in Hostile Environments Philly ETE Slides   Video
AJAX: What it is and What it Can Do for Your iViews Americas’ SAP User’s Group Slides    
All Kinds of Free Philly ETE Slides   Video
Building a Custom Query Engine with Quill Scala by the Schuylkill Slides Code Video
Building Data Breach Resistant Systems Philly ETE Slides   Video
Code Talk: Chat with a CTO Code Talk     Video
Converting a JSR-168 Portlet to an SAP iView Americas’ SAP User’s Group Slides    
Culture Builder Live Technical.ly     Video
Developing Web Services for Documentum Southeast Documentum User’s Group      
Embracing the TMF Exchange Mechanism Standard TMF Reference Model EMS     Video
Functional Programming in Java Philly JUG Slides Code Video
Functional Programming in JavaScript Workshop LibertyJS   Code  
Functional Wrappers for legacy APIs Philly JUG Slides Code Video
Immutability in JavaScript and seamless-immutable-cursor React Philly Slides Code Video
JWTs and Their Application Philly JUG Slides    
Live Coding a Chat Server with WebSockets and http4s PHASE   Code Video
Live coding a CRUD database in Scala PHASE   Code  
Management and Organizational Design Villanova University Slides   Video
Monadic Logging and You! NEScala Slides Code Video
My Favorite Tweets   Slides    
Transforming Clinical Processes Using Box BoxWorks Slides   Video
Shaping up your Development Process Philly ETE Slides   Video
Stop goofing around during build cycles with webpack HMR LibertyJS Slides Code Video
Typed vs. Untyped (Panel) Philly ETE     Video
Tech People Podcast Interview Tech People     Audio
TechCast #96 – Philly ETE Happy Hour Chat TechCast     Audio
TechChat Tuesday’s #10 - The “Free” in Software TechChat     Video
Websockets in http4s NEScala   Code Video