I had the good fortune tonight to present “Functional Programming in Java” to the membership of the Philadelphia Java User’s Group.

Beginning with Java 8, the Java language architects made a concerted move to become “more functional.” To best understand what this means and how to take advantage of the new language features many programmers in the Java ecosystem will need a crash course in functional programming principles and benefits. This presentation covers all of that, areas where Functional Programming elements have shown up in Java previously, and what’s on the road map before moving on to how best to take advantage of all of this and apply functional programming in your Java projects!

The slides for the presentation and the code samples are useful resources for those interested in the topic. Reach out to me on Twitter if you want to engage in the discussion!

I was able to capture a video of the talk. The video is fast paced but you can always pause it or repeat segments to suit your desired pace.