I had a fun experience at NEScala 2019 last week. We realized about 3 minutes before a speaking slot that there was a flaw in our speaker confirmation process and that not only was the speaker not there, we hadn’t realized it until that moment. I had been planning to share some of my recent work at the “Unconference” and accellerate that to present the work on the “big stage.”

Thank you to everyone in the audience for their patience, especially the http4s maintaners who were sitting together about 10 feet from the podium.

The video is now online. It’s a fun talk, but you can’t see the code that I am using in my presentation so it might be tough to follow. There are only 5 source files in the project though, so it’s possible to follow if you pay close attention.

Also, the talk mentioned mapAccumulate a few times. Based on the feedback from Fabio in the last question, I updated that section to use a Ref instead.